Albany Pump Duplex Strainer

Purpose: Albany Pump Duplex basket strainers were designed to fill the void for a quality product which would provide the necessary protection to pumps, nozzles, valves and other sensitive pipeline equipment which would otherwise be harmed by the entry of foreign contaminants.


Advantages: Unlike other types of strainer, the basket is removed and replaced through the top of the strainer body which prevents the spilling of liquid during the servicing of the strainer screen. Standard basket screen material is stainless steel. Standard screens are available from 1/4” (perforated) up to 100 mesh. Magnetic inserts are optional to help eliminate metallic ferrous particles. The duplex valve feature allows for cleaning or replacement of one screen without interrupting the other screen (i.e. continuous flow) by simply rotating the handle 180 deg. and positioning it over the in-service chamber. Also available, as an option, are differential pressure indicators to monitor to basket condition and provide warning (both local and remote) that cleaning is required.


Construction: Standard material of construction includes (ASTM A 48 Class 30) close-grained cast iron body, covers and valve caps. The bore of the valve chamber improved by the addition of bronze liners. Valve mechanism features durable PTFE valve inserts set in a bronze rotor with top and bottom friction washers. Rotor shaft material is type 303 stainless steel. Standard seals are nitrile rubber.
An optional steel mounting foot is available to support the strainer if base mounted.
(Note: Other Materials of construction are available. Consult factory with you requirements.)


Working Pressure - Non Shock:
(NOT recommended for Steam Service)
For Water, Oil or Gas (WOG) – Maximum of 200 PSI @ 150 deg. F.
Hydrostatic test pressure – 300 PSI

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