Crosby OMNI-TRIM Direct Pressure Relief Valves

Crosby OMNI-TRIM Direct Pressure Relief Valves

The Crosby OMNI-TRIM pressure relief valve is the proven solution for over-pressure protection and/or thermal relief applications on air, gas, vapor, liquid and steam. Its simple design makes it ideal for refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, power plant auxiliary systems and pulp and paper mills
  • ASME/NB certified capacities for air, water and steam.
  • Full compliance with all major global pressure relief standards including ASME VIII, API 527, EN4126, PED/CE and numerous other standards.
  • Series 900 uses single trim design for liquid, gas, and vapor services.
  • Highly customizable to meet most applications.
  • Interchangeable parts to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Full nozzle configuration.
  • Simple and reliable design.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Soft seat options for superior seat tightness.
  • Adjustable blowdown option to reduce product loss.
  • BP balanced piston option to offset the effects of variable back pressure.