Rubber Expansion Joints

Senior Flexonics standard rubber expansion joints
feature an engineered sphere design bellows which is
inherently stronger than the hand fabricated old
standard cylindrical shapes. Internal pressure within a
sphere is exerted in all directions distributing forces
evenly over a large area.

The spherical design “flowing arch” reduces turbulence,
sediment build-up, thrust area and the effects of thrust
on the piping system equipment when compared to the
“high arch” design.

Standard stock units in styles 101 and 102 are constructed
from EPDM rubber inner liner and outer cover, with an
embedded nylon cord reinforcement and wire reinforced
flanged collars. Floating flanges allow for easy installation
and alignment of bolt holes.
Other materials and styles of rubber flexible joints are
available on request or can be designed to meet
customers’ specific requirements.

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