ICU & CCE Self- Priming Pumps

ICU & CCE Self- Priming Pumps

Barnes self-priming pumps are designed to meet a broad range of general and special industrial applications. Base mounted pump models are available with motors up to 150 hp, while closed-coupled pump models are available from 3 to 25 hp.


Materials of construction and performance highlights:

Models: ICUCCE
Flows To: 1,850 gp.m.
Heads To: 270 feet
Discharge: 1-6 inches


Key product characteristics and benefits:

  • PDA on the five with ABS
  • Fast priming 
  • Self priming to 20 feet 
  • Back pull out on some models 
  • Heavy duty shafts for durability 
  • Available in frame-mounted and closed-coupled

Best solution for the following operations:

  • Marine Duty 
  • Bilge and Balast 
  • General Industrial 
  • Chemicals 
  • Petroleum Solvents 
  • Lawn Sprinkling 
  • Pressure Boosting 
  • Light Irrigation 
  • General Dewatering

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