Industrial Damper

Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Dampers has been a technological leader in industrial isolation dampers for over 30 years, with a full line of both isolation and modulating dampers to fit every application. Our products are custom designed for each application, ensuring years of maintenance free reliability.

Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex DamperFlex-Seat Guillotine Dampers
SFP Metroflex Dampers’ Flex-Seat Guillotine utilizes a unique rack and pinion drive system, an engineered compound blade, our unique convex Flex-Seat seal, and a gas tight bonnet for 100% duct and atmosphere isolation.

Features of the Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Dampers’ Flex-Seat Guillotine:
Maintenance free Rack & Pinion drive
Non clogging Flex-Seat seals
100% Isolation using a supplied seal air system
Thermally compensating blade design
Self-supporting frame
WGD™ Guillotine:
WGD™ Guillotine Dampers are designed for general applications and simplified maintenance. They incorporate a cost effective, single thickness, solid plate blade and many features facilitating maintenance such as self-cleaning drives and seal elements accessible from outside the ductwork.

Features of the Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Dampers WGD™ Guillotine:
Maintenance free Rack & Pinion drive
Multiple seal arrangements for low leakage to 100% shutoff
Self-supporting frame
Louver Dampers:
Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Dampers has a full line of multi-blade louver dampers to fit your isolation and control applications.

Flex-Ledge Louver Damper:
Our Flex-Ledge seal design uses a convex flexible metallic seal which provides tight shut off with very low pressure drop. This seal design will not accumulate particulate and is designed to accept a significant amount of thermal expansion.

Features of Senior Flexonics Pathway Metroflex Dampers Flex-Ledge Louvers:
Flexible metallic Flex-Ledge seal for tight shut off and low pressure drop
Thermally compensating, adjustable linkage assembly
Modified Airfoil blade design for low pressure drop and superior torsional strength
Custom actuation packages to fit customer requirements
Modulating Louver Damper:
These multi-blade louver dampers are designed for optimum flow control in the harshest environments. With an “opposed” blade design and a seal system to meet additional isolation requirements if necessary, our modulating louver dampers allow for both tight shut off and precise flow control in one package.

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