Apollo Vacuum Relief Valve

High flow vacuum relief valves feature one piece cast bronze bodies, Teflon coated discs and elastomer soft
seating provide accurate and dependable operation. Ideal for use with high volume vacuum systems, bulk hauling
tanks and trailers, powdered solids/bulk handling and pneumatic conveying equipment.
Connection sizes 2”, 2 1/2” and 3”
Relief settings 8" to 30" Hg @ 400°
F max.

• High volume vacuum systems
• Bulk hauling tanks and trailers
• Powdered solids / bulk handling
• Pneumatic conveying equipment
• Weather resistant construction
• Elastomer soft seat is vibration resistant
• Stainless steel spring
• One piece unified bronze body design
• High capacity “top-guided” design
• TFE / chrome plated internals


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